The tracers are composed of DNA sequences encapsulated within invisible particles that can be mixed with any fluid and item, providing it with a unique fingerprint, which is easily identified and quantified at parts per trillion level (1 milligram per ton) with state of the art bio-analytics used in medicine and forensics. The use of DNA permits to generate as many distinct fingerprints as are needed, since unlimited DNA sequences are available. The encapsulation dramatically improves DNA stability, providing unprecedented resilience in harsh conditions. Both DNA and particles can be engineered to obtain tracers capable of determining temperature, pH, oxidant concentration, or light intensity. All tracer materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


DNA is Nature's information storage system. It consists of chains of units (four different ones), whose sequence encodes the genetic information. As for the genetic information, any other information (product origin, manufacturer, date etc.) can be encoded in a DNA sequence. Haelixa technology uses both natural (from fruits, vegetables) and artificial DNA sequences; each sequence is distinguished from the others.



The particles encapsulating the DNA  are extremely small spheres with a diameter of about 1/10'000 mm. Such particles are widely used in food products (e.g. food additive E551) and packaging, cosmetics, sunscreens, pharmaceutical formulations.

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