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Our product identification solutions ensure increased supply chain transparency and sustainability, identification and prevention of counterfeiting and other irregularities. Haelixa tracers are stably applied to any fluid or solid, raw material or finite product (such as precious stones and other luxury goods, textile fibers, fuels, polymers, packaging, paints and inks).

Due to their high resilience, the Haelixa tracers survive even harsh industrial processing (e.g. injection molding), as well as distribution and storage, enabling full end-to-end supply-chain control.

We address critical questions that impact product quality and sustainability:


Genuinity - the tracers are a label of authenticity

Origin - the platform enables product identification (e.g. location, manufacturer, batch, production date)

Blending - detection of blending of products with lower quality materials is possible


Haelixa portfolio includes smart tracers to verify that products meet the quality requirements and were processed and stored under appropriate conditions (e.g. temperature, UV levels). The technology is available to all stakeholders, thereby delivering increased sales to companies, additional excise tax revenues to governments, and above all, genuine, high quality products to customers.

Transparency is in our DNA!




We design and manufacture a unique DNA tracer to be assigned to each individual product, model or batch.

The tracers are provided as ready-to-use kits.

The tracers are applied to products and materials at any step of the supply chain by the customers themselves. The labelling assigns the item a unique "DNA identity".

At any point in time, the product is submitted to a quick "paternity test" and results are uploaded to the cloud. The test can be conducted at our laboratories or on-site.

Case study

The exact provenance of a gemstone is not only significant when determining its value, but also when assessing the ethical production. So far there was no technology capable to break down the origin of a precious stone to specific mines in a given geological region. In collaboration with Gübelin Gem Lab, Haelixa has developed and launched a product enabling tracing gemstones from the mining site to the end customer. Our tracers are applied to the raw gemstones at the mine, and resist cutting, polishing and re-oiling processes, allowing to determine their origin at a later date.

The product is currently commercialized under the label Provenance Proof, and it is just the first of a series of solution to bring more transparency into the luxury goods and fashion industry.

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